Super Ambassadors

Super Ambassadors is a scheme from the Children’s Commissioner for Wales that aims to promote children’s rights and the UNCRC in schools.

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Read some FAQs about our Super Ambassadors Scheme

How it works

Schools are asked to elect two Super Ambassadors at the beginning of every year. Super Ambassadors have three jobs. These are to:

  • Inform other pupils in their school about the Commissioner and her powers
  • Make sure other pupils know about about children’s rights under the UNCRC.
  • Do special missions for the Commissioner in their school – these inform the work of our office and have a real impact on our work and on children’s rights in Wales

5 Reasons to join

  • Information collected through the scheme feeds directly into our work, meaning that our Super Ambassadors have a real impact on children’s rights in Wales.
  • The scheme provides an exciting and interactive way for children in your school to learn about their rights, in accordance with the UNCRC, which underpins the Welsh Government’s vision for education.
  • The scheme supports the Four Purposes of the curriculum for Wales, providing meaningful opportunities for children to develop as healthy, confident individuals and participate as ethical, informed citizens in their school and on a national level.
  • The scheme supports schools to develop their approaches to Wellbeing and to Care, Support and Guidance, as required by the Estyn Inspection Framework 2022.
  • It’s free!

We’ve also put together a list of FAQs to give you more information.

Schemes for all

Our Ambassadors schemes aren’t only for mainstream schools.

We produce accessible resources, and have dedicated staff to provide support to pupils with additional needs at our annual events.

In this video, teachers from special schools in Wales talk about the benefits of joining one of our Ambassador schemes.

If you have any questions about what we provide or if you’d like to suggest an improvement, please get in touch.