2018/19 Timetable

This is our timetable for the Student Ambassador scheme for the 2018/19 academic year.

You can sign up for the scheme for free.

Welcome Pack

You’ll receive a pack of guidance and resources in September, or when you sign up to the scheme.


We recommend you elect a minimum of two Ambassadors at the start of the school year, but you can choose more than two if you want.

Student Conferences

We will be holding two student conferences for our Student Ambassadors. Booking will open in Winter 2019.  Each event will last for a school day.  The dates are:

21st January 2019 – south Wales

28th January 2019 – north Wales

Rights Missions

A light bulb in the middle of a thought bubble drawn on a blackboard Here are the missions that Sally will set her Ambassadors for the next academic year.

More information on each individual mission will be live on the Rights Missions page when the mission starts.

Autumn term – What Now? Beth Nawr?

Surveys to help the Commissioner set her work for the next three years. We’ll ask young people and adults what’s important to them so we can use their feedback to shape our work.

What right does it support?

Article 12.

Who can get involved?

All children and adults in your school.

Spring term – A Digital Wellbeing Action Plan, linked to Safer Internet Day in February 2019

Young people in your school will explore how you experience and protect your rights online.

What rights does it support?

Articles 12,13,15,16,19 and 34.

Who can get involved?

All children and young people in Key Stage 3 & 4.

All teachers, teaching support staff and parents.

Summer Term – Rights Survey

Each school receives an individualised report that looks at how young people experience rights in your school.

What rights does it support?

Articles 2, 12, 29 and 42.

Who can get involved?

All children and young people in Key Stage 3 & 4.

All teachers and teaching support staff.