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Rights Mission

The Summer Mission 2019 is now live.

You’ll need to:

  1. Use your new Community Ambassador Resource Pack.
  2. Pick 2 or 3 activities from the Community Ambassador Resource Pack and use them with a group of young people (this could be your own community group or another one). These activities may show which rights young people do or don’t access in your community.
  3. Tell someone in power in your community about the findings of our activities. This could be any person you feel should listen to you.
  4. Report back to Sally in any way you wish about how you ran activities from the pack or about your experiences of sharing your views.
  5. Come and share your experiences with Sally and the Community Ambassadors Panel. 10th September in north Wales and 16th September in south Wales 17.00-19.30 (venue tbc).

Download the mission instructions
Download the resource pack
Use the UNCRC symbols pack

Please feel free to contact us for any support, questions, or if you’d like a pack with resources including badges and posters.