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Rights Mission

Autumn Special Mission 2021

If you’re working with young people with ALN, you may wish to use this resource to support them.

The Mission

Sally knows that youth services and groups in Wales do lots of work to look after their members and make sure that they are enjoying their rights to be healthy and safe.

Your mission is to think about how your group and community is supporting young people’s wellbeing and make sure all young people in your setting know how to get any help and support they need.

Step 1

This is a great chance for you, your group and your leader to have an open discussion about your wellbeing, share your ideas and make a plan moving forward following the past 18 months.

You could use these questions written by Sally’s team to help you.

This will help you think about what your group/community already does and to discuss any other ideas you have. Your youth/support worker can set this as an individual challenge or an activity to do together as a group.

Step 2

Create something to make everyone in your group/ wider community know about how to support your well-being and identify any missing gaps.

Here are some ways you could do this:

  • a video
  • a display where you meet
  • a poster to share on social media
  • a presentation to share with your local councillor
  • invite in guest speakers to talk about issues that are important to you

Show Sally what you did by tweeting her @childcomwales or emailing before 17th December.

Information for youth/support workers