Rights Mission

Your Rights Mission this term is to decide how you will help your school promote anti-bullying week (13-17th November).


Our Sam’s Story Anti-bullying resource for Secondary Schools has lots of ideas for activities that can be done in lessons or tutor time.

The resources were jointly created with the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Wales.

Some ideas:

  • Plan with your teachers about how some or all of the sessions could be given to your whole year group
  • Offer to lead a session yourselves with a class from another year group
  • Deliver the Sam’s Story sessions to another class as part of your Welsh Baccalaureate Community Challenge
  • Create the display in the final session with a class, year group or even the whole school
  • Use the film in Session Two of the resource in Assemblies


Remember to share your work with us during #RightsHour: it’s our weekly hour of promoting and sharing positive work on children’s rights on our Twitter channel.

All you need to do is tweet your work on a Friday between 12-1 using the hashtag #RightsHour.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the resource, the Student Ambassadors scheme, or anything else, please contact us.