Rights Mission

Tackling Islamophobia

This term’s Rights Mission is about highlighting and tackling Islamophobia.

Over the last year we’ve spoken to young Muslims from all over Wales who experience abuse every day.

Many feel unsafe in their communities and worry about the way Islam is portrayed in the media, and how this affects their day-to-day lives.

This term’s Rights Mission

We’ve created a resource to help highlight this issue in secondary schools.

This term’s Rights Mission is to complete the lesson plans we’ve created and to return the evaluation forms to let us know if they were effective.


The resource contains videos of young Muslims sharing their views and experiences.

As well as the video at the top of this page, there are three other videos in the resource.


Media Portrayals



After completing the resource, we’re inviting schools to ask young people to complete the sentence “We want #OurWales to be a place where…” and to share their responses with us through their school Twitter account on St.David’s Day.