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Rights Mission

This term’s Rights Mission is all about tackling cyberbullying, and empowering pupils to take a lead on making a difference in school.

We want pupils across Wales to set up Cyber Action Groups; groups of children that will work to:

  • create a safe space in school so they and their peers can have open conversations about the things that worry them online
  • help the adults around them get a better understanding of cyberbullying, the apps young people use, and how they use them


To help, we’ve made a downloadable activity pack to guide pupils.

We also have an accessible version of the pack and guidance for teachers.

Download the resource for secondary schools

Download the accessible version

Download the guidance for teachers

Young people should own the action pack and activities themselves where possible, with support from teachers. The activities can be adapted to better suit each individual school.

There is an evaluation form at the end of the pack which you can send back to us by Friday 12th April and tell us how you did.


In 2015, in a survey of over 6000 children and young people from across Wales, bullying came out as young people’s biggest concern.

Since then, we’ve published a report looking at children and young people’s general experiences of bullying and what could be done to help.

This year, our focus has been on cyberbullying.

Alongside this term’s mission, we’ve also published a report that explains what we’ve learned after listening to children and young people’s experiences of cyberbullying.