Rights Mission

Thank you to all the schools that took part in our summer mission rights survey.

We had 6825 individual responses to this survey and 162 schools from across Wales signed up to take part!

What happens now?

All schools that completed surveys will receive their own individual school report. This report will help you see how far children experience their rights in your school and to set targets for improvement.

Young people and teachers can work together to set targets.

Making Rights Real

Our Making Rights Real template will help you to set targets and Sally’s guidance The Right Way: A Children’s Rights Approach to Education in Wales will suggest ways you can improve your score.

We’ll be running the survey again in summer term 2019 so you can assess your progress.

The teacher that signed up for the survey will be e mailed this report by Monday July 9.

If you have not received your report please contact us.

If you have any questions about how we will use and keep the data in the survey please see our guidance.