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Our Work

Our Priorities – 2016-19

  • Mental health, wellbeing and tackling bullying
  • Poverty and social inequalities
  • Play and leisure
  • Safety (in the community, school and at home)
  • Raising awareness of the UNCRC and promoting its adoption across public services
  • Transitions to adulthood for all young people requiring continuing support and care


In 2016 we published our ‘What Next’ report, detailing the findings of our biggest ever consultation with children and young people.

Its aim was to help establish the Commissioner’s priorities for 2016-19.

The report concluded that many children and young people in Wales lead safe, happy and active lives and feel listened to and respected by the adults around them.

However, the report identified the need for clear improvements for Welsh Government and other public bodies, including in areas like mental health, transitions to adulthood, and provisions for looked after young people.

Our aspirations for children and young people

By 2019, we hope that Welsh Government and public services will have made significant progress towards delivering the following improvements for children:

  • Children and young people will have access to the mental health services they need in a timely manner. There will be stronger programmes for promoting emotional health and wellbeing in place in our health and social services, schools and youth services
  • Children’s contemporary experiences of bullying will be better understood and more schools will prevent and tackle bullying effectively
  • There will be better access to play, culture and leisure activities by children who are most likely to miss out on these, particularly those living in poverty and disabled children.
  • Care leavers will have better access to safe andsecure housing options and an active offer of a job, education or training place
  • All young people requiring continuing health and social support will have improved transitions to adult services
  • Children will have the same legal protection as adults from physical assault
  • Children and young people will be better involved in public services, including my own organisation

You can read more about the individual projects we’re undertaking this year here.