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Special Mission

The Mission

The mission for this term is for Ambassadors to plan their own “Haf o Hwyl” activity. This could be a whole day of fun in your school or a series of smaller activities. This may complement plans you already have in place for the end of term.

Haf o Hwyl is about having fun and your school’s planned activities do not need to cost lots of money, if any at all, or need new equipment.

We have created an activity pack for Super Ambassadors to lead the planning and delivery of their Haf o Hwyl activity. We suggest working with pupils to think about what will be possible in your school setting prior to them starting their planning session.

You can share your activities on Twitter using #HafoHwyl.

What else is happening?

Local Events:

As well as your school’s activity, you might want to provide pupils with ideas of what is happening locally over the summer holiday as part of Haf o Hwyl. We are gathering information on our website, which you can share with parents and guardians. Click here to go to the page.

Play Book:

Working together with Play Wales we are creating an e-book filled with ideas of fun and free games to play, the e-book will be available for children and young people to use during the summer holiday.

We are asking children and young people to give us their ideas using this worksheet. You can send completed worksheets to or click here to fill in the form online.

KS2 – Activity Pack

KS2 – Teacher Information Pack

ALN Activity Pack