Special Mission

Anti-Bullying Display

This term, we’re asking our Super Ambassador schools to create an anti-bullying display during anti-bullying week 2017.

This is our Special Mission for Primary Schools. If you’re from a Secondary School, go to our Student Ambassadors page.

Creating your display – Lesson Plans and Resources

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of resources to help explore the issue of bullying in your school.

They were jointly created with Penygawsi Primary School.

The ideas, discussions and materials created by the lesson plans will help you to build a display.

There are 4 lesson plans that cover pupils from Nursery age to Year 6. Each lesson plan document contains links to the additional resources you’ll need.

Nursery/Reception Lesson Plan

Year 1/2 Lesson plan

Year 3/4 Lesson plan

Year 5/6 Lesson plan

Some ideas

  • Your display could show the activities that you do in class from this resource.
  • You could display the right to be safe (Article 19) and the right to be heard (Article 12)
  • You could add photographs of classes learning with the resource.
  • You could add your own pictures from the Super Ambassador training.

When should we do our display?

We suggest that you build your display during anti-bullying week 13-17th November 2017.


Celebrate the work your school is doing to promote children’s rights, including the anti bullying display, by tweeting using the hashtag #RightsHour between 12-1pm every Friday.

Background – Sam’s Story

In July we launched Sam’s Story: Listening to children and young people’s experiences of bullying in Wales.

The report heard views and experiences from over 2000 children and young people and 300 professionals on bullying in Wales.

The lesson plans made available for schools to use during anti-bullying week are based on this work.