Special Mission

Intergenerational Group

This term’s Special Mission is to promote Article 15 (the right to join groups) and Article 19 (the right to be safe) by exploring the idea of setting up an intergenerational group in your school.

An intergenerational group is a group that includes children and older people.

Intergenerational groups help children and older people to form relationships, learn about each other, and feel safe in the community.

Here’s an example of an intergenerational group in Aberystwyth:

What should we do?

  • First, show our videos and use our activities to decide with your class or school council whether you would like to set up an intergenerational group in your school.
  • The videos and activities will help you think about what your group might do, whether you play board games, share books, cook together or get busy in the school allotment!
  • Next, if you decide to set up a group you can contact an older person’s group in your area or invite local residents or grandparents to join you.
  • It is important that teachers help organising the group to make sure that the school’s safeguarding policy is followed.
  • Next term we’ll send out a short survey to find out how you got on with this mission. In the meantime make sure you keep in touch with us on our Twitter #Rights Hour between 12-1pm on a Friday and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.