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Further Information

On this page below we have added further information and resources about The Right Way that you might find useful.

Children’s rights lectures/lesson plans

We’ve made three lectures/lesson plans aimed at university and college students.

They introduce children’s rights, and explain a bit more about the work of our office.

They also show students how they can use children’s rights to help them in their future work.

The Right Way: A Children’s Rights Approach in Wales

This is a  framework for working with children, grounded in the UNCRC. t

It helps public bodies to integrate children’s rights into their work and to build better services for children.

The Right Way: A Children’s Rights Approach to Education in Wales

A framework to help education education settings put children’s rights at the heart of everything they do

The Right Way: A Future Fit for Children

A toolkit designed to help Public Service Boards, and individual organisations who sit on them, review and improve the services they provide for children and young people.

Children’s Rights Impact Assessment (CRIA)

Welsh Government use Children Right’s Impact Assessments (CRIA) to evidence how they have had regard to children’s rights in their decision making.  Although not all public bodies are required to use CRIA, they can be a useful tool to prompt decision makers to stop and think about the implications of their plans and how to ensure they have the most positive impact possible on children and young people.  In fact, some local authority staff asked us for a template CRIA document that they could use, so we have responded by producing this document that is free to use for anyone working in any type of organisation.

The document is designed to prompt your thinking on each of the five key principles of our Children’s Rights Approach and we’ve left space for you to note down your thinking but it does not have to be completed in full.

Download our CRIA tool

Simple Self-Assessment Tool

This self-assessment tool helps professionals and organisations to improve how they work with young people, including:

  • linking your strategic plan to children’s rights
  • providing information to children in accessible language
  • giving children opportunities to make changes and influence your organisation’s work
  • being accountable to children and young people

Use our simple self-assessment tool

Students/Professional Training

We’ve made three lectures/lesson plans for university and college students that introduce children’s rights and the work of our office.

They also show students how children’s rights can be used to help them in their future work with children and young people.

If you’d like to see these lectures/lessons visit our Students/Professional Training Page:

Students/Professional Training

You may find the information and resources on these following pages useful:

Foundation Phase Resources

Primary School Resources

Secondary School Resources

Accessible Teaching Resources

We’ve published a joint resource with the Future Generations Commissioner designed to help public bodies review and improve the services they provide for children and young people.

Read more about the project here.

If you have any questions about these resources please email