Annual Report 19/20

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Some highlights

Here is some of the work we did between April 2019 and March 2020:

Working with children, young people and teachers

  • Listened to, worked with, and spoke to 15,504 children and young people across Wales at events, workshops and meetings
  • 606 primary schools across Wales are now a part of our Super Ambassadors scheme
  • Trained 475 children and 219 teaching staff to be rights ambassadors
  • 7,404 children and young people, and 360 teachers took part in our survey on children’s rights in education


Rights in policy

  • Responded to 28 Assembly, Welsh Government and other organisations’ consultations, making sure children’s rights were at the centre of policy changes

Helping children and families

Children’s rights training

  • Trained 200 early years’ professionals on our new offer for early years settings, Bitw Bach


Here are some of our achievements between 1 April 2019 and 31 March 2020:


New guidance for schools was shaped by our work on anti-bullying.

All schools should now record every incident, making them more accountable to children and parents, and helping them to monitor their anti-bullying work much more closely.

Equal protection

Children were given equal protection in the law from physical punishment, which is a change that we have demanded for several years.

This means that if an adult in Wales is in court for assaulting a child, they cannot claim that it was a ‘reasonable punishment’.

Regional Partnership Boards

We visited every Regional Partnership Board in Wales to challenge them on the way children get the help they need in their areas.

Children’s rights in organisations

Helped more public bodies to put rights at the heart of their work, including all health boards in Wales.

Children’s rights training

  • Hosted children’s rights training across Wales, including to 200 early years’ professionals
  • Held rights training sessions with fathers and their children in HMP Berwyn