Keep being you, keep being awesome

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and think I’m having a bad dream where children and young people can’t go and meet their friends, or learn with their teachers, or go to breakfast club, or play sports, or put on a school play or all the other everyday miracles that happen in schools and communities in Wales every single day.

It’s so hard to believe this isn’t a bad dream.

And I know that it won’t last forever but even a week can feel like a long time.  And I want to send a message to children and young people that this is not the new normal.  As soon as is possible your lives will involve all the things you miss right now.

I don’t pretend to know what you might be feeling but I do know that it’s okay to have strong feelings about this.  It isn’t fair. Some of you will be desperate to see family and friends.  Some of you will feel worried about your health or about people you love. Some of you have worked really hard for exams that have been cancelled.

And while I don’t know how you feel I do know that changes are difficult, especially when they are unexpected.  Schools stopping and exams just being cancelled wasn’t expected at all.

It was a shock.

So if you want to share your feelings or ask questions about this, then you should.  Talk with an adult you trust.  In your home, or virtually.  I’ve also put some numbers of other people and organisations that can help you at the bottom of this blog.

Online Hub

If you want more info you can also visit my online hub.  I’m going to keep updating this and you can send me your questions so I know what info you need.

And I want to reassure each child and young person in Wales that you have unique skills, unique understanding, and unique experience.  You are awesome.  And that isn’t going to change.

Keep being you, keep being awesome.  Reach out if you need help.

Usually in my job I get out to meet children and young people to hear about what’s important to you.

I can’t do that at the moment.  I’d love to know how you are feeling and what you are doing at home. Please do email me on . I promise I will read every message.

Contact Meic

Contact Childline