Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE)

Relationships and Sexuality Education is part of the new curriculum in Wales and schools in Wales must teach RSE from September 2022 on a phased basis.

What does the Children’s Commissioner think about Relationships and Sexuality Education?

The Children’s Commissioner for Wales supports the inclusion of Relationships and Sexuality Education in the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Act 2021.  This law will make sure all children and young people have opportunities to develop their understanding of relationships and sexuality.  This will help empower children and young people with the understanding and skills they need to make informed choices and to be happy, healthy and safe.

What children’s rights are supported by RSE?

Effective and high-quality Relationships and Sexuality Education will help ensure children and young people experience their rights under the UNCRC, including:

  • the right to non-discrimination (Article 2)
  • the right to be heard, express opinions and be involved in decision-making (Article 12);
  • the right to access information (Article 17);
  • the right to experience the highest attainable health, access to health facilities, preventative health care, and family planning education and services (Article 24)
  • the right to an education that support all children to develop and reach their full potential and prepare children to be understanding to others (Article 29)
  • the right to government protection from sexual abuse and exploitation (Article 34).

What’s the law and guidance from Government?

Welsh Government has published the RSE Code and Guidance.

Education settings must follow this guidance in the delivery of Relationships and Sexuality Education.

Where can you find information parents, carers and young people?

There is a range of information available for children, young people and families about Relationships and Sexuality Education on Welsh Government’s Hwb platform.

When will children learn about RSE?

Children and young people will develop their understanding all the way through their learning. The Code and Guidance set out that teachers need to make sure that RSE is developmentally appropriate for children and young people.

Developmentally appropriate means children learn about relationships and sexuality in a way that is right for their age, experiences and understanding.

What if I want more info?

Schools are expected to share information with parents and carers about Relationships and Sexuality Education. If you have any specific questions relating to a child that you have responsibility for, then talk these through with the child’s school. You can ask to see the school policy on RSE and you can also ask for teachers to share their activities and resources with you.

What if I’m worried?

The Commissioner’s office is able to investigate and advise on any issues that are in breach of children’s rights.

If you have specific concerns relating to a setting or an individual child, please do contact our Investigation and Advice service.