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Read our full policy position on tackling bullying in Wales

Young people and children repeatedly give a clear message that more needs to be done to prevent and tackle bullying.

Too often children, young people and parents feel that bullying is not taken seriously and that nothing is done when they report it.

We think Welsh Government need to do more to help.

We want them to:

  • Make it compulsory for schools to record every bullying incident. This is because schools need to gather this information to be accountable to children and their families and to evaluate and improve the way they tackle bullying.
  • Make sure that Estyn’s developing Self Evaluation for Improvement encourages schools to assess their approach using the new anti-bullying guidance Respecting Others. This will encourage schools to improve their anti-bullying policies.

Bullying has serious and long-lasting impacts: it prevents children and young people from experiencing their human rights, including their rights to be safe and to have an education.

At the moment the law doesn’t need schools to record and monitor bullying, but our young people do.

Government must link the new guidance to a clear duty to record bullying in school-evaluation to ensure this happens.