Commissioners’ joint report the United Nations

Children’s Commissioners tell UN what governments must do to make children’s rights real

30 November 2022

Children’s Commissioners from Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have submitted a joint report to the United Nations, informing them on the  UK and devolved governments’ human rights records and whether the UK is keeping its international children’s rights promises.

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Read the report of Young People’s Experiences (PDF)

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In their “report card” to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child – the three Commissioners have highlighted areas of children’s rights that they are worried about – including poverty, mental health, and proposed changes to the Human Rights Act by the UK Government.

The UK Government has a duty to tell the Committee what they are doing to make children’s rights a reality. As part of that reporting process, the Commissioners tell the UN what they think governments are doing well, and what needs to be done better.

The last report was in 2016, and this time, they have told the UN that while there has been progress in some areas, there are lots of outstanding issues across a broad range of rights.

The Commissioners want governments to work on these issues and put children’s rights at the heart of policy and practice.