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A picture of Rocio Cifuentes

Commissioner’s Blog

Here you’ll find the blog of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

Rocio Cifuentes became the Children’s Commissioner in April 2022.

My Welsh Promise

Since starting as commissioner, it’s evident to me that the Welsh language is a living, breathing language here, with the team using it every day, in every aspect of our work. It’s not something we just use to convey messages but it’s a way of us connecting with one

Equal Protection for children at last

‘What, adults are actually allowed to smack their children?’ I’ll always remember my then 7-year-old son’s disbelief after I began publicly campaigning for equal protection. I was an academic at Cardiff University at the time, making the case along with many others in the field that Wales needed to

Castle Park Primary School

Today, some of the Year 6 pupil leadership group met with Sally Holland, Child’s Commissioner for Wales and Kath O’Kane who works alongside Sally. We are so grateful for Sally giving up her time to meet with us, on TEAMS, as she is so busy.  Sally and Kath gave

Opening Doors: an update on our ‘No Wrong Door’ work

There’s not a week goes by where I don’t hear about or discuss an issue relating to children’s mental health. Too often, I hear about how children and their families who are looking for support for a range of needs find that they have to navigate a very complex

Universal Children’s Day 2021: A Welsh welcome to child refugees

‘Shwmae’! This was first word that greeted me when I met some Afghan child refugees recently. They had only been in Wales for three weeks but had already picked up the Welsh greeting of ‘Shw’mae’ (how are you) as well as ‘diolch’ (thank you) and ‘un, dau, tri’ (1,2,3).

GCSEs and A-levels 2021: Has Wales passed the test?

This week is an unusual results week for many reasons. Not only did Welsh candidates receive a report of their provisional results several weeks ago, but the traditional exam hall was replaced by a more flexible system that depended on schools and colleges taking the lead in determining how

The year ahead: Six tasks for the new government

The next year will be a high stakes one for Welsh children and young people. There are glimmers of hope as we seem to be emerging from the worst of the pandemic, but there is definitely tension in the air as many harbour an underlying anxiety about further waves.

What the lockdown has made visible about children’s lives

When it became clear how drastic the measures would be in response to the pandemic, all of us who work to protect children’s rights took a sharp intake of breath. Not just because of the sheer disruption to everyday lives, but because we knew immediately that children’s experiences of

Keep being you, keep being awesome

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and think I’m having a bad dream where children and young people can’t go and meet their friends, or learn with their teachers, or go to breakfast club, or play sports, or put on a school play or all

School uniform wars: time for a rights-based approach

Over recent months and years there has been a spate of headlines as children are put in isolation, served with exclusions or banned from play times due to their ‘inappropriate’ clothes, haircuts, jewellery, eyebrows or make-up. Schools in parts of the UK seem to be upping the ante with