My Welsh Promise

Since starting as commissioner, it’s evident to me that the Welsh language is a living, breathing language here, with the team using it every day, in every aspect of our work. It’s not something we just use to convey messages but it’s a way of us connecting with one another and those who we’re here to represent.

It’s such an honour to be Wales’ children’s commissioner. An important part of my job is to be able to listen to and represent the views of children and young people from across Wales. A critical part of that will be my ability to be as accessible as possible to as many children as possible and to connect with them. It means that I’m determined to make sure that the Welsh language is something that will become a living, breathing language that I’m able to use every day, in every aspect of my work.

My staff set themselves Welsh promises; here are mine for this year:

  1. Pass my first Welsh exam.
  2. Take part in a Welsh lesson every week and use the language every day.
  3. Protect and promote children’s language rights in our work.
  4. Update people about my journey by publishing blogs about where I’m at and how I’m finding it.
  5. Share my new Welsh promises every year.