Castle Park Primary School

Today, some of the Year 6 pupil leadership group met with Sally Holland, Child’s Commissioner for Wales and Kath O’Kane who works alongside Sally.

We are so grateful for Sally giving up her time to meet with us, on TEAMS, as she is so busy.  Sally and Kath gave us a game to play at the beginning, to help us introduce ourselves and talk about what we want to be when we grow up.  We then had the opportunity to ask Sally some questions and to tell her how we talk about the Rights of a Child at Castle Park Primary School.

It was very interesting to find out that Sally has been the Children’s Commissioner for Wales for almost 7 years and that you can in fact only be in this role for a total of 7 years. Sally will then be returning to her previous job as a professor in a College.

Sally explained to us that in a lot of the jobs we want as a grown up, we will need to know the Right’s of the Child.  She told us that it has been hard through the Pandemic, and that she did her very best to support ALL children ensuring for example they had food, shelter, IT to support home learning.

She said that in her final few weeks she will be continuing to support children’s rights and that people in health care or have a disability if they don’t feel their rights are being supported they can ring a special telephone number.

Sally inspired us all when she said she never gave up on her dreams and worked hard to become the Children’s Commissioner for Wales and has changed lots of things during her time, but still there is always more to do.

Thank you Sally for listening to us and answering our questions.  We will miss you and hope we get to speak to the new Child’s Commissioner –  Rocio Cifuentes when she starts at the end of April.

Myla, Lily, Lowri, Thomas, Ethan, Brendan and Jackson