A photo of people around a table putting their hands together in solidarity

Get Together

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These are activities or guides with less text and more structure.

Many of these include symbols to aid communication.

They may suit children in primary schools or in community groups. The activities are also designed to provide scaffolding for older learners, including but not restricted to those with additional learning needs. It will be helpful for school councils and other community participation groups.

Forming a group

Get together.

It means you have a bigger voice and makes it easier to make a change.

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Activity Cards

Use these cards to choose an activity.

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After you’ve worked together


These use more text. They include more detailed information and less scaffolding in activities.

These resources may suit young people in secondary school settings, Further Education settings, or in youth participation groups and youth community groups.

They will be helpful for secondary school councils and other pupil voice groups in secondary schools

Create a group identity

This activity helps you to create a name and an identity for your group.

Download creating a group identity PDF

Wellbeing Checklist

Use this checklist at the start of meetings or before you do campaign activities.

It will help you to support each other.

Download Wellbeing Checklist PDF