Our main aims

When we knew about the lockdown we wanted to do four main things:

Make sure children, young people and families had information and help that they could trust.

To do this we created the Coronavirus Information Hub.

It has lots of information to help families stay happy, healthy and safe during the lockdown.

It also has lots of videos to help children and families play in their homes and their gardens.

It’s been used over 45,000 times since April 2020.

Schools, the Welsh Government, and Public Health Wales have helped us to tell others about it.

Check that children who need extra help were safe and getting the help they needed.

We made sure that places that look after children who need lots of extra care, like mental health units, had everything they needed.

We checked that schools were talking to children they were worried about.

We also checked that social services, who give extra help to families who need it, were able to speak to them and give them help.

And we were talking to the Welsh Government so they knew what to do if children weren’t getting the help they needed.

Make sure that children and young people are listened to

Nearly 24,000 children and young people told us about how they were feeling about lockdown through a survey, called Coronavirus and Me.

What children and young people said in the survey helped the Welsh Government, councils, and schools to help children.

Help the Welsh Government to hear how children were feeling and what they wanted to happen

We were speaking every day to different people in the Government to make sure they knew what to do for children.

We told them about the problems families were having, and we made sure they had the results of our survey straight away so they could use them to help children.

What about our other work?

We’ve kept doing all the things we were doing before the lockdown.

  • We have kept helping children and families with their problems.
  • We have kept listening to children about different issues by using video meetings
  • We’ve kept telling the Government what we think they need to change in new laws and rules so that they do what is best for children.

There is a lot more detail in our full report.