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Experiences of disabled children

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In March 2020 Wales was put into lockdown because of Coronavirus.

We wanted to find out how the lockdown was affecting all children and young people across Wales.

So we made a survey for children and young people called Coronavirus and Me.

Other people helped us to make the survey too and to tell children and young people about it:

  • The Welsh Government
  • The Welsh Youth Parliament
  • Children in Wales

Over 23,000 children and young people answered the survey.

Disabled children

On this page we are sharing the views of disabled children and young people.

We have looked to see if they are different to children and young people who said that they did not have a disability.

Disabled children and young people told us about positive and negative things that happened when they stayed at home.

Disabled children and young people enjoyed different things at home. They enjoyed:

  • talking to their family and friends
  • exercise
  • doing activities from school
  • play and being creative

Disabled children and young people found somethings at home more difficult. They wanted:

  • more support to go online and do school work
  • more information about things to do at home
  • help to get the food they needed.

Disabled children and young people were more likely to:

  • feel worried about Coronavirus
  • feel worried about their mental health
  • miss other services that they normally go to
  • feel sad
  • feel less confident about their learning

What should happen next?

The Government must make sure children with additional needs have better support with learning if they can’t go to their school.

When people make decisions about the pandemic they should always consider the needs of disabled children and how decisions might affect them.

There must be more accessible info about how disabled children and young people can get support to feel happy and well.