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Our survey of over 10000 children and adults in Wales

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7-11 survey

  • 42% worried about school tests
  • 40% worried about bullying
  • 27% worried about family problems, including parental separation, and 38% had asked their parent to stop using their smartphone in their presence

11-18 survey

  • 45% worried about School work / exams
  • 40% worried about life after school
  • 28% worried about the way they look and about mental health/wellbeing

Professionals who work with/for children and young people

  • 86% of them were worried about the mental health of children
  • 81% were worried about the effect of social media and
  • 82% worried about family problems


  • 74% worry about mental health
  • 68% worry about bullying
  • 60% worry about the effect of social media