Wellbeing in your School (Secondary)

If you’re working with pupils with ALN, you may wish to use this resource to support them.

Rights Activity

We know from the surveys we did in May 2020 and January 2021 that the pandemic has impacted the well-being of lots of children. Sally also knows that schools in Wales do lots of work to look after their pupils and make sure that they are enjoying their rights to be healthy and safe.

Your activity is to find out exactly how your school is supporting pupils’ well-being and to share this with other pupils in your school.

Step 1

Use this template to think about what your school already does and to discuss any other ideas you have. Your teacher can set this as a classroom task or a task for the Ambassadors alone.

Step 2

Ask your teacher to arrange a meeting for you with your school’s Senior Leadership Team and/or the school’s governors. Your teacher will be able to tell you who the senior leaders in your school are. This is an opportunity to find out more about your school’s plans to support your wellbeing and to share your ideas.

You could use these questions, written by Sally’s team to help you.

Step 3

Create something to tell all pupils how your school supports their well-being and what more your school plans to do. Here are some ways you could do this:

  • a Powerpoint
  • a video
  • a classroom or corridor display
  • a feature on your school website
  • an assembly or virtual assembly

Information for teachers and governors