Thanks – but one more thing before you go

Thank you for doing our survey!

We’ll look at all of the responses and use what you said to plan Rocio’s work.

Opportunity to join our youth panel

Do you want to apply to join our young people’s advisory panel? Our panel is a friendly group of young people from all over Wales who help the Commissioner with her work.

We need up to 12 young people from across Wales who:

  • Are aged 11-17
  • Have some previous experience of representing the views of other people
  • Are confident to share their ideas and opinions with others (this doesn’t have to be getting up in front of others, it just means that you’re happy to share what you think – that could mean speaking up in front of everyone but could also mean speaking in small breakout groups, writing your thoughts down, using AHA slides, or answering surveys)

Apply here by 7 November