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Children and Young People

The resources on this page will help you learn more about your rights. Some of the resources have been created to help you lead workshops for your peers. If you need any more information please contact us

Know Your Rights Poster

Children’s Rights Poster

Happy, Healthy and Safe Poster

UNCRC Symbols Pack

The Symbols cards show each right with a picture to help you focus on one right at a time:

Symbols Resources

On this webpage you will find videos and a worksheet to help you think about one right a month. You could do these activities on your own or share them with your peers:

Right of the Month


Want to learn a new right every month? Here are some ideas and activities that will help you learn and explore your rights:

Right of the Month

Are you looking to make a difference within your local area. Use our toolkit to help you:

Make a Difference

Are you part of Girl Guiding or Scouts Cymru? You can take part in our Rights Challenge badge below:

Girls Guide and Scouts Cymru

This resource will help you lead workshops in your setting:

Cyber Bullying