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Human Rights in the Curriculum for Wales 2022

Human rights are the freedoms and protections to which all people are entitled.

Children and young people have specific human rights guaranteed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). You can find all these rights on this poster.

Curriculum for Wales 2022 has an important role in understanding and promoting respect for human rights and the rights of the child. There are three main elements of human rights education:

  • Learning about human rights: The acquisition of knowledge and skills about human rights;
  • Learning through human rights: The development of respectful values and attitudes and changed behaviour that reflects human rights values; and,
  • Learning for human rights: The motivation of social action and empowerment of active citizenship to advance respect for the rights of all

The UNCRC underpins each Area of Learning and Experience and each of the Four Purposes of the curriculum.  Our short paper for teachers shows how the Four Purposes and the AoLEs promotes specific articles of the UNCRC.

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