Learning at home

All ages

CCFW’s Homelearning Packs

The Children’s Commissioner’s job is to promote and protect children’s rights and we’ve made a new set of homelearning activities to help you to introduce your children to their rights at home.

Bitw Bach – Foundation Phase

We have created two options for children age 3 to 7 years old so that they can learn about children’s rights at home.

Bitw Bach Homelearning Pack

Bitw Bach Homelearning Workbook

Key Stage 2

We have created an option for children age 7 to 11 years old so that they can continue to learn about children’s rights while at home.

KS2 Homelearning Workbook


Your child can use their Hwb details to download Microsoft Office at home, and an Education Edition of Minecraft

Go to Hwb


Resources made for teachers by WJEC on a variety of subjects, for different ages.

Go to their site

Young children


Take a look at these online games, songs, and resources by the team behind Cyw, the Welsh-language programme for young children.

Go to their site


Cbeebies have lots of games and online resources for young children.

Go to their site

They also have games and quizzes to help young children with their Welsh language skills.

Go to the Welsh language site


If Welsh isn’t your home language, why not use Welsh story and song time videos on YouTube as part of your daily routine.

Atebol have a YouTube playlist with Welsh language stories.

Go to their playlist