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Young People’s Advisory Panel

About our panel

Established in 2016, this panel is made up of 12 – 18 members of children and young people between the ages of 11 to 18. They have three full-day meetings a year and its Chair and vice-Chair are also members of our advisory panel.

This advisory panel holds us to account on the delivery of our three year and annual work plans.

Here are our current members, recruited from across Wales…


I am 14 and I live in Wrexham. I am a member of Senedd Yr Ifanc (Wrexham’s Youth Parliament) and I volunteer with the work of Wrexham’s Community Church .I am looking forward to working with the Children’s Commissioner and you as young people to ensure all your voices are heard and to make a positive impact for the children and young people across Wales.


My name is Morgan, I’m 17 years old and a 6th Form student at Ysgol Tryfan in Bangor studying English, Sociology, History and the Welsh Bac. I have a real interest in current affairs, Social Justice and Politics and would like to pursue a career in Law and Politics. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, Performing and socialising with friends.


Hello, I’m Bridgette. I’m 13 years old. I passionately want to give children a voice. I will be an advocate for children. I believe that you are either part of the solution or part of the problem and I want to help to improve the experiences of all children in Wales. In my spare time I enjoy many outside sports, but the one sport I enjoy the most is skateboarding. With the lockdown, I have really enjoyed playing online games with my friends.


Hi, I’m Chloe, I am 14 years old and I live in Buckley North Wales. I enjoy playing hockey and I’m a deputy black belt in mixed martial arts. I volunteer as a cadet for St John Ambulance Cymru, this has given me some great new skills. I am also a member of the eco council in school. I am looking forward to this role as I am interested in improving the rights of children in Wales.


Hi! My name is Nadia Mohammed; I’m 16 years old from Anglesey, North Wales. I am a Sixth Form student studying Chemistry, Biology and Religious Education. I have an interest in sports and travelling and I also love knitting and crochet. I believe it is important that young people’s voices are heard on matters such as cyberbullying, mental health, global warming and equality. Ensuring children’s rights is a passion of mine therefore this opportunity to promote Sally Holland’s work is very exciting to me.


Hi I’m Jaydan and I’m 12. I live in Cardiff and attend Cardiff High school. I love sports and I hope to bring my co-operative skills into this great opportunity. I have attended the Global Social Leaders Camp and hope to bring the leadership skills and team working skills I learnt into this Advisory Panel too.


Hi my name is Jess, I’m 13 and I live in Mold. I am on school council, as well as young Wales and I have been in Girl Guiding for 8 years. I am honoured to be on the panel and can’t wait to work with the Commissioner to ensure children in Wales live the best lives they can. I have particular interest in ensuring children and young people have access to the best possible healthcare and education and I also feel that the skills we learn in school should be useful to everyday life.


Hello I’m Tadhg, I’m 12 and from Cardiff. I wanted to be on the panel because I want to help children across Wales in being heard and improve how Wales focuses on children’s rights.


Hi I’m Hannalise. I love baking and listening to music. I am honoured to have been chosen to be on the Young People’s Advisory Panel. I am looking forward to contributing to the discussions and I am particularly interested in speaking out on the behalf of those who have been through the care system.