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Two young people laughing and smiling.

Young People’s Advisory Panel

About our panel

Established in 2016, this panel is made up of 45 members of children and young people between the ages of 11 to 18. They have three full-day meetings a year and its Chair and vice-Chair are also members of our advisory panel.

This advisory panel holds us to account on the delivery of our three year and annual work plans.

Here are our current members, recruited from across Wales…


Hi, I’m Chloe, I’m 14 years old and I live in Buckley North Wales. I enjoy playing hockey and I’m a deputy black belt in mixed martial arts. I volunteer as a cadet for St John Ambulance Cymru, this has given me some great new skills. I am also a member of the eco council in school. I am looking forward to this role as I am interested in improving the rights of children in Wales.


Hi my name is Jess, I’m 13 and I live in Mold. I am on school council, as well as young Wales and I have been in Girl Guiding for 8 years. I am honoured to be on the panel and can’t wait to work with the Commissioner to ensure children in Wales live the best lives they can. I have particular interest in ensuring children and young people have access to the best possible healthcare and education and I also feel that the skills we learn in school should be useful to everyday life.


Hi, I’m Arthur and I am delighted to be representing the young people of Wales through this Advisory Panel. Some of other groups that I am apart of include: the UNICEF UK Youth Advisory Board, Cardiff Youth Council, and the National Museum Wales Youth Forum. All these opportunities have allowed me to collaborate with inspirational young people who want to make change. I recognise that our generation are facing many struggles, however, I am excited to work with the Children’s Commissioner and you as the young people of Wales to shape a future where all young people can learn, grow, and thrive equally.


Hello I’m Efan and I go to school in Cardiff. I enjoy singing and performing and have been very lucky to have had many different performing opportunities over the last few years. In addition to this, I enjoy playing football for the Urdd football team and enjoy supporting the Bluebirds as I have a season ticket to watch Cardiff home football matches. I’m delighted to be on the Children’s Commissioner for Wales Youth Panel. It is an absolute privilege and I look forward to contributing to various discussions to ensure a fair and interesting future for all that’s full of opportunities. The challenges of Covid 19 have meant that many of us have missed many diverse opportunities over the last few years and I hope to be a voice for the future for young people.


Hello, my name is Evan. I am 12 years old and I live in Cardiff. I passionately believe in helping to make the world greener and fairer. I also want to encourage children to do more exercise by making school PE lessons more inclusive for those who don’t enjoy mainstream sport. I like to read, play chess, piano and guitar. I love history and presented a television series called ‘Lest We Forget’ with a D-Day veteran. I’m really looking forward to working with the panel and I hope I can make a positive contribution to its success.


My name is Henri  and I’m 14 years old. I’m so proud and grateful to be member of the Young People’s Advisory Panel for Wales. It is an extraordinary opportunity to represent and contribute to the children’s right. I love to interact with people, young and children, listening to their needs, sharing my experiences and being able to contribute and help the community. I believe this unique opportunity in volunteering and join the Young People’s Advisory Panel team will help to improve my skills, life experience and ultimately contribute to develop a better future for children in Wales, making a difference to their lives.


I’m a student at Ysgol Cwm Brombil in Port Talbot, where I am a PIXL Ambassador. I love baking, playing competitive cricket and netball. I love being with my friends and having fun with my family. I joined the advisory panel because I care about young people speaking up for what they believe in and being involved in issues that affect them, such as mental health and bullying.


I am an Irish Traveller, I like helping people in need and I like looking after the environment but I also like hair and beauty. Part of being an Irish Traveller means I am part of a big family, and we all help each other so I help my mum cook, clean and look after my two baby sisters. If I was in government for the day as prime minister: the one thing I would do is to change diesel and petrol cars to electric.


I’m Qahira, I’m 14 and I’m a keen member of the Welsh Youth Parliament (representing Cardiff South and Penarth) and Cardiff Youth Council. I am a part of these organisations as they enable me to witness change and contribute my ideas in matters which will affect my future. I am a part of the BAME and Muslim community and consequently understand the current state of Wales for many different people. I am passionate about righting issues such as homelessness, mental health and ensuring equal opportunities for youth from all walks of life in Wales. I want as many young people as possible to feel like their voices are being heard and I believe this panel is a platform for this.


My name is Milton. I’m a Salvadorean guy. I’m interested in becoming a paediatrician and to help all the children that need help. I’m someone who takes care about people’s opinion and as well if they got any ideas and I like listen to everyone and learning new things about everyone.


I live in Swansea and enjoy spending my time on the Gower beaches. I enjoy playing all kinds of sport especially swimming and netball I really enjoy music and I play the harp and piano.


I’m 13 years old and live with my parents and older brother. I love playing badminton and have always felt honoured to be selected to represent Wales in several National tournaments. I also enjoy the clarinet and play for my school group and am working towards grade 7. I’m doing the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh and hope to see the problem-solving skills I’m learning help the wider community around me. I’m really keen to try and help highlight some of the issues that young people living in Wales might be facing and support the Children’s Commissioner to make change during a difficult time for many.


Hello, my name is Holly. I’m 14 and I live in Bridgend. I am on school council and eco council as well as being a part of Bridgend Youth Council and Bridgend Youth Theatre. I’m honoured to have been chosen to be on the young people’s advisory panel. I am looking forward to being a part of the panel and hope to ensure every child is heard and grows up happy.


Hello my name is Imogen and I’m from Cardiff. I am 14. I am very looking forward to starting my options this year and learning lots of new things. I am privileged to be given an opportunity to be a part of the advisory panel and to share my views and engage with other people. In my spare time I like to play netball and hockey, building friendships with players as well as learning languages in school with creative writing. As a child myself, with experience of speaking out, representing my school as being ambassador and school council for talks with governors, I’m pleased to support others my age and socialise to give people a voice who need it most.


Hi I’m Mari, I’m 14 and I live in Carmarthenshire. I enjoy Scouts, hockey, running and chess in my free time. I hope to help every young person’s voice be heard, especially those living in more rural areas.


Hello my name is Noura. I’m currently an A- Level student of Maths, Biology and Chemistry. I have served as school council member several times, but this is my first placement on an external panel and I look forward to contributing as well as developing and educating myself. My extracurricular interests are mainly in art and reading and I envision improved quality to aspects of young people’s lives that are currently not addressed or not frequently acknowledged.


Hi, I’m Rowan, I’m 14 and live in Cardiff. I’m really excited to be on this panel as I have always been keen on making a change for young people. As a young person who identifies with the LGBTQ+ community, I strongly believe that all children should feel included in today’s society, and I’m really excited to work with the Children’s Commissioner to make this happen. I also love nature and really enjoy going on walks in the beautiful Welsh countryside, and I’m passionate about protecting it.


My name is Erin, I’m 15 and I live in Flintshire, North Wales. I play the piano and flute and also enjoy watching films, reading and acting. I love animals too, especially dogs. I’m looking forward to being in the panel as I am passionate about changing the way people respond to the problems that children face throughout Wales and want to see an improvement in how these different issues are tackled.


Hello, Im Zjackaria. I’m 11 years old I enjoy learning about politics and climate change. I try to do the sustainable option and I enjoy learning about different cultures. I like playing the violin and learning new languages. I’m hoping to join the welsh youth parliament in the future and I am very grateful to be working with the Children’s Commissioner for Wales.


Hello there! My name is Sienna and I am 11 years old, I’m also a Member of the children’s commissioner advisory panel, My main passion is art but I also am interested in mycology, I hope my voice can be heard; but I also wish for others like me to be able to speak up for Wales and the wider world! I hope to make a difference in our climate and save our world! I am very grateful to have this opportunity.