Commissioner’s response to child practice review figures

Commenting on a BBC Wales news story about the number of child practice reviews in progress in Wales, Rocio Cifuentes MBE said:

“We need full confidence in the system that is there to learn lessons following these horrific events. At the moment there are big questions about how recommendations from child practice reviews are followed through and used nationally to keep children safe. We can’t keep seeing the same issues coming up; we need the system here to be as robust and effective as possible

“We need a stronger focus on governance and accountability within our child protection system. It’s not clear how regional safeguarding boards are held to account on implementing recommendations in child practice reviews, and it’s not clear how the learning from each child practice review is used nationally to make children safer. Repeated reviews highlighting information sharing as a failure is testament to this. I’m calling on the Welsh Government to review how Wales’ existing child protection governance and accountability systems could be strengthened to make sure that the learning from each child practice review is implemented effectively, both locally and nationally.”