Commissioner’s statement in response to unacceptable UK Government Illegal Migration Bill

9 March 2023

“Wales is a proud nation of sanctuary. This legislation, if passed, flies in the face of everything we stand for as a nation of sanctuary and is in clear breach of our human rights obligations. Over the last twenty years, I have worked with asylum seekers and refugees and welcomed them to Wales. They aren’t a drain on our society, they aren’t undesirable lawbreakers; they are human beings, with human rights, fleeing danger and wars. They’ve become an integral part of our multi-cultural society, embracing our language and culture, often working in critical jobs and are eternally grateful for the protection we’ve given them. I’m urging Welsh Government to robustly challenge this Bill and I’ll be working with UK counterparts to urge the UK Government, MPs and peers to reconsider and pursue more humane solutions.”