Commissioner’s response to calls for social care review in Wales

27 April 2022

Commenting on calls for an independent review into children’s social care in Wales, Children’s Commissioner for Wales Rocio Cifuentes said:

“Children’s social care is one of our most important and complex services, and it’s absolutely right that questions are continuously asked in order to keep our most vulnerable children safe. Over the years there have been well-documented reports on the challenges facing the sector, including funding levels and high workloads. These issues must be resolved to provide the best care to children.

“I understand the current calls for a review into social care in Wales, but I’m also aware of course that the Government has already committed to transforming social care in Wales; my office is closely following this and will expect to have further opportunities to shape and influence the proposals that are brought forward, along with other relevant organisations and children and families themselves. A review could highlight new issues, but could also delay the changes we would expect to see as part of the Government’s current work.

“I will be writing this week to the Government, the National Independent Safeguarding Board, BASW Cymru, and others to directly hear their views and to find the best way forward on this complex issue so that we can all have confidence in the system which is there to protect the most vulnerable in our society.”