Equal protection – Commissioner welcomes change in the law

21 March 2022

Responding to physically punishing children becoming illegal in Wales, Professor Sally Holland, Children’s Commissioner for Wales, said:

“I’m delighted today to wake up in a nation that formally rejects the physical punishment of a child.  Children’s rights, to safety, health, and to reach their full potential, have clear and unambiguous precedence and protection today.

“The change brings Wales in line with over 60 countries worldwide who have already strengthened the law for children, and reflects a cultural change that has accelerated in recent years. As adults, we do not accept physical violence in any part of our lives, and as a nation we are clear today that we do not accept it in our children’s lives either.

“I take tremendous pride that this landmark piece of legislation was achieved by working in partnership. It’s been such a delight to see public services in Wales, from health to police, from senior religious leaders to the voluntary sector working as one on this.

“For me personally, I’ve campaigned for this for years and committed to achieving this change during my time as Children’s Commissioner for Wales. Like lots of major changes it’s taken some time to get over the line but I’m very content that as I step down from my post next month, Wales has finally prioritised children’s rights in what was, until today, an area where they were not treated as equals.”