Major effort needed to make sure that young people have all the information, advice and support they need on exams

26 January 2022

The Children’s Commissioner has highlighted the need for information, advice, and support for young people on exams over the next few months.

Professor Sally Holland said:

“The government has confirmed again this week that exams are going ahead. There now needs to be a major effort to make sure that young people have all the information, advice and support they need over the next few months.

“Schools and colleges have worked relentlessly to try to provide a full educational experience for exam candidates, but this is a huge challenge, despite the adjustments that have been made to exams this year.

“I warmly welcome the support package that’s been funded by Government. But this support will be of most benefit if young people, and the adults supporting them, have immediate information about the full range of available options for their next steps. Young people need to know that flexible approaches are an option for those who do not feel ready to take a full set of exams this summer.

“Conversations about the best options for individuals need to happen now. Advice should reassure young people that no matter how well they do this summer they will be supported with opportunities to progress into the next stage of their education, employment and training. There are lots of courses that young people can take without achieving their core GCSEs, and colleges and Careers Wales can help young people find their best options for next year.

“Young people regularly approach me with anxieties about their qualifications and we must all, as a nation, ensure this cohort of young people feel confident that we are ready to support them through the next few months.

“There are links on my information hub for parents and young people for Careers Wales and mental health and wellbeing support.”