Commissioner responds to Labour/Plaid Cymru agreement announcement

22 November 2021

Prof Sally Holland said:

“I welcome many aspects of this agreement, including the expansion of free school meals to all primary school children. This would be a significant step: a guaranteed nutritious meal without barriers, without stigma. Immediate and longer-term health needs met.

“Devolving aspects of welfare administration could provide further ways to tackle child poverty directly. I’m also pleased to see confirmation of the commitment to remove profit from looked after children’s care.

“And it’s positive to see other issues that my team and I have called for in here: a sanctuary model for young people experiencing mental health crises and the childcare offer not being dependent on parental work status.

“I also welcome clear commitments on moving forward on equality issues, relating to race and LGBTQ equalities, as well as educational disadvantage through poverty. Young people speak passionately to me about these matters

“There are some interesting suggestions about further curriculum and qualifications developments plus review of the shape of school days and terms. We’ll be keenly interested in these proposals as they develop.

“As always, we’ll scrutinise the details of these policies as they are developed further, to ensure that they protect and promote children and young people’s rights and that they deliver real change in children and young people’s lives.”