Commissioner’s statement ahead of exam results announcement

12 August 2020

Ahead of Thursday’s exam results announcement, Professor Sally Holland, Children’s Commissioner for Wales, said:

“Our young people have been on an educational roller coaster since March. Much of this was unavoidable due to the unexpected and sudden nature of the pandemic. However, it is vital that our students get clear information about how their results were calculated and have an accessible means to appeal if their individual results are out of kilter with what they would have been likely to achieve if they were able to sit traditional exams.

“I have expressed all of this to the government and Qualifications Wales over the last few months. Although we received some strong reassurances on checks and balances in the overall system, I have maintained throughout that individuals should have access to a fair and consistent appeals process and an opportunity to appeal if their results do not fit their individual profile and expectations.

“I want to see Welsh Government assuring students today that they will not be put at a disadvantage as a result of last minute changes by the Scottish and UK Governments. I would also be expecting Welsh Government to be discussing with universities and others to ensure no student from Wales will be placed at a disadvantage in admissions processes.”