Commissioner welcomes Welsh Government announcement on A Level results

12 August 2020

Responding to the Education Minister’s announcement regarding A Level results, Professor Sally Holland, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, said:

“I welcome the steps announced by the Welsh Government ahead of A level results day tomorrow. From the details of the Minister’s statement, I think it’s a sensible approach that should help to maintain consistency across Wales, and alleviate some of the concerns that learners across Wales undoubtedly have ahead of tomorrow.

For pupils who are unhappy with their grades, I’m very pleased that the appeals process will now be free, and that adjustments will be made to the original plans, details of which have been promised imminently.

It’s important now that Universities across the UK make sure that they are even-handed in their awarding of places, taking into account the different approaches in each of the home nations, so that Welsh pupils can be confident that their UK counterparts don’t have an unfair advantage in receiving places.”