Commissioner welcomes Equal Protection announcement

4 April 2019

Welcoming a new Bill introduced by Welsh Government to give children the same protection in the law from assault as adults, Professor Sally Holland, Children’s Commissioner for Wales said:

“There’s nothing reasonable about physically punishing a child. This Bill sends a clear signal that Wales is a country which protects children; a country which will afford children the same protection from physical punishment as adults; a country which promotes children’s rights. This positive development is about removing an out-dated legal provision to reflect what the vast majority of us parents believe: that physically punishing a child is no longer acceptable, anywhere.

“I am honoured to serve as a Children’s Commissioner in a country where its Government wants to protect all its citizens. This Bill recognises children as individual rights holders and recognises the importance of safe, family life, free from physical harm. It’s about protecting children and enabling and supporting families to find alternative routes to keeping children safe and to help set boundaries.

“Society has changed, parenting has changed, now we need the law to change.”