Commissioner responds to Home Education announcement

1 February 2018

Responding to Government’s recent home education announcement, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales said:

“In calling for more statutory regulation of elective home education in Wales I have had three aims. Firstly, that for all children in Wales can be accounted for and that none slip under the radar of universal services, and society in general. Secondly, that every child is receiving a suitable education and their other human rights including health care and safety. This cannot be achieved without the third aim, that every child should have the opportunity to be seen and their views and experiences listened to.

“I am encouraged by the Welsh Government’s acknowledgment that the current system does not ensure all children in Wales have a suitable level of education and that all children in Wales are protected. But currently, without the details, my calls to the Government remain the same.

“I will expect to see a detailed Children’s Rights Impact Assessment of these proposals and if this assessment demonstrates that the proposed measures do not achieve the goals I have set out then I will expect the Government to consider further measures, including new legislation. If that does not materialise, I have made it clear to Government that I will consider using my statutory powers to review their decisions.

“I also look forward to seeing further details of how local authorities will be funded to carry out the very welcome package of support for home educated children and their families.”