Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day

On the 11th of February the Children’s Commissioner for Wales’ team hosted a live webinar from Barry Island Primary School as part of the Super Ambassadors scheme. The theme of the webinar was ‘let’s create a better internet together’.

Chris Elmore, a Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, was on hand to answer questions from primary schools all over the Vale of Glamorgan and to take part in a debate that considered the best ways to stay safe online.

As part of the webinar, schools in Wales discussed some of these internet-related topics: the best ways to stay safe online; how to make the internet better and safer; the internet’s dangers; the web and the UNCRC; and the great things the web can be used for.

The Children’s Commissioner for Wales said:

“With the development of ‘Hwb‘– a single learning platform in Wales, it is key that we understand how young people want to be engaged in education, and the role that digital technologies and teacher education play in that”.

The Children’s Commissioner is also supporting a research project to understand the Digital Media Habits and Digital Literacy of Year 9 pupils in Wales. This qualitative and quantitative research programme has included working with children in schools across Wales. In-depth interviews with children at home are also helping build a detailed picture of how they use digital devices and engage with social media platforms.