DymaFI.TV Launched

Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens is encouraging young people in Wales to take part in a new digital project. DymaFi.tv is a major digital project aimed at getting the young people of Wales to film a day in their lives, “anything that gives a voice to Wales’ young people is important, and the idea behind DymaFi.tv is ambitious and exciting”, says Huw Stephens, the ambassador for DymaFi.tv digital project. “It’s a pleasure to support this historical and interesting event”.

Eliminating Stereotypes of Young People

On Saturday 22 June DymaFi.tv asks young people aged between 13 and 18 to film their day. The project came into being following the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Keith Towler’s campaign See Me/ Dyma Fi. The campaign See Me/ Dyma Fi seeks to eliminate stereotypes of young people in Wales and tries to improve the way young people are portrayed, especially in the media.

Keith Towler the Children’s Commissioner for Wales said: “It is time for us to put a stop to the negative labels that children and young people in Wales are faced with every single day. See Me / Dyma Fi is my first ever campaign to smash these negative stereotypes and to promote positive images of children and young people, to represent them in a responsible and balanced way in all the work that we do and to become an example to other countries in the UK and across the world. I’m delighted that S4C and Cwmni Da have responded in such a positive way to these issues by giving young people the opportunity to learn and develop filming skills in order to share their own stories, in their own words on DymaFi.tv. My aim as Children’s Commissioner for Wales is to enable Wales to be a country where children and young people are respected, valued, listened to and supported to lead safe and happy lives. The best way to achieve this is to give young people the tools to be able to participate in society. We need to celebrate the positive aspects of growing up in Wales and I would encourage young people to share their stories and make the most of this wonderful opportunity”.

An honest portrayal

The films the young people produce will be shown on the DymaFi.tv website along with film clips giving advice on film-making without going to great expense or trouble. The DymaFi.tv website is funded by S4C’s digital fund. Film Club and Cwmni Da have also visited numerous Secondary Schools across Wales carrying out film-making workshops with young people. A number of establishments have worked together on the DymaFi.tv project including S4C, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales Office, Film Club Cymru, Huw Stephens, the Urdd, Wales Young Farmers’ Club, Cwmni Da, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards and Vibe Works. Many of the film clips will be combined to create a film which will be broadcast on S4C in November. It is hoped the film will give an honest portrayal of the lives of young people in Wales today and in their own words or films.

Sioned Wyn Roberts, Content Commissioner for S4C said: “DymaFi.tv is a space to create. A space for young people to watch, create and share original films relevant to them. Young people do so many exciting things in their everyday lives and DymaFi.tv will hopefully give them a chance to tell their story through the creative medium of film. By sharing and watching films on DymaFi.tv we’ll have a chance to hear new voices and to take a look at lives that we don’t often see on television. I’m looking forward to seeing the response to the DymaFi.tv website, and also to see how the campaign to get young people filming their lives in 24 hours will work on 22 June. This is the first time that we’ve done this on S4C and with the help of all the partners involved I’m sure we’ll have some very special footage. The DymaFi.tv digital project was launched officially on Thursday 30 May at the Urdd National Eisteddfod where the DymaFi.tv bus welcomed young people to come and have a go at creating films using cameras, phones and Apple Macs”.

Phil Stead Digital Director at Cwmni Da said: “Recording videos is something that is second nature to young people today, and we’re sure that young people across Wales will want to take part in this groundbreaking project. The DymaFi.tv website will offers tips and advice on how to make improve film-making skills. We’ve already received dozens of fantastic contributions on camcorder, camera and of course a lot have been uploaded from mobile phones. Everybody has a story to tell and we want to hear those stories of young people living in Wales today”.

The DymaFi.tv film will be broadcast on S4C this November.