What are some of the things Welsh Government and others did well?

Free school meals

Welsh Government made sure children who have free school meals were fed in the Easter and summer holidays too. We want this to keep happening all year round.

Play and exercise

People who work with children and organisations like the Urdd, Play Wales and Natural Resources Wales thought of new ways to help children play and stay active.


Through our Coronavirus and Me survey we found out that almost every child and young person had some contact with their school or college after the building was shut.

Keeping children safe

Social services teams stayed open and changed the way they worked to make sure they could still speak to children and families.

Mental health services stayed open for lots of children and young people and some offered support and therapy in new ways. Young people didn’t always need to go to their GP to see a specialist.

Children and families who need more help

Councils and Welsh Government worked together to make sure children who usually get extra help from school, college, nursery, or a group in their community were getting the help they needed at home.

There is a lot more detail in the full report.