Volunteering Activities for Young People

By clicking on the link below you will find volunteering opportunities within your local area.

To find opportunities type your postcode in the search box and select the amount of miles you would be able to travel.

Make sure you double check the age of the volunteering opportunity before you apply.

Volunteering Wales

Gallwch ddod o hyd i gyfleoedd i wirfoddoli i Barnardo’s wrth glicio ar y linc isod. Maen nhw’n derbyn gwirfoddolwyr dros 14 oed.

Barnardo’s – Cyfleoedd i Wirfoddoli

Gallwch ddod o hyd i gyfleoedd gwirfoddoli gyda Mencap wrth glicio ar y dudalen we isod. Mae angen i wirfoddolwyr fod dros 16 oed, unrhyw wirfoddolwr sydd o dan 18 oed fe fydd angen caniatâd gan riant neu ofalwr.

Mencap – Cyfleoedd i Wirfoddoli