Topical Rights based lessons

Here I am

These lesson plans have been created as part of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales’ “Here I Am” project which is celebrating identity.

In these lessons there will be focus on specific children’s rights. The lessons will focus on:

  • Article 2: Everyone has these rights, no matter what
  • Article 8: I have the right to an identity

Here I am Lesson Plans

Project Vote

Although children under 16 cannot vote in the Senedd elections, all children in Wales have the right to be listened to and taken seriously (Article 12).

Children may feel that some of their rights are currently being denied, or they may be passionate about a particular issue, and want to make a change.

We have prepared two lessons on Senedd elections and democracy for you to do in class.

Foundation Phase Lesson Plan

Foundation Phase – Activity 1: Cardiff

Foundation Phase – Activity 2: The Senedd