Parents’ Role

Everyday Challenges

Every parent knows that parenting can be tough.

Welsh Government have made a resource to help parents cope with the everyday challenges parents face.

The advice given is based on children’s rights, and giving all children the best start.

Go to the resource

Foster carers and parents of adopted children

If you’re a foster carer, or a parent to an adopted child, the child you care for has additional rights.


For instance, looked after children, children with a Special Guardianship Order and adopted children have a right to advocacy.

This helps to make sure that they can express their wishes and feelings when to influence the decisions that affect their lives.

You can find more about access to advocacy for your child here.

School provision

They also have a right to ensure they can access school provision that best suits their needs, and they must be given priority during school admissions processes to ensure they can access suitable provision.