Parents or Carers

Our Investigation and Advice service is free and confidential.

We can advise and support you if you feel your child has been treated unfairly.

We can only help if your child is:

  • Aged 0-18, or up to 21 if they have been in care, or up to 25 if they have been in care and are still in education
  • Usually living in Wales, or placed in England by a Welsh local authority

We can’t:

  • Get involved with any legal proceedings, including court cases and decisions made by CAFCASS Cymru
  • Offer an emergency service
  • Offer a counselling service ourselves

We make sure we keep the information you share with us private, unless we think a child or young person is unsafe – we then share the information with other organisations that can help protect the child.

If we need to share the information with other people that could help then we will tell you what we are doing and why we have decided to do it.

Our Investigation and Advice Officers follow the advice given in the Wales Safeguarding Procedures.

This paper explains our legal powers.


If you are ever unhappy with something we’ve done we want to listen. To make sure we work well as a team we want to listen carefully to any complaints you may have about our work. We will handle your complaint in an open and honest way. There’s a brief guide to our Complaints Policy here.