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Children and Young people

Right of the Month

Many of you might be familiar with our right of the month approach and have seen our calendar of rights as a way for us to share children’s rights with you and your teachers.

We would like to give you some ideas on activities that will help you to learn and explore your rights.  Starting from June 2020, at the beginning of every month we will provide a short video for you and then you will be able to show and share these videos with your teachers. We hope this will inspire you!

The Right of the month for May and June is Article 27 which is the right to a proper house, food and clothing

Four members of our Participation Team have made a video each for different age groups…..

  • Under 7’s
  • 7-11’s
  • 12-18
  • Accessible

If you would like to see these videos or any of our previous videos then visit our Right of the Month Page:

Right of the Month Page

We will provide monthly ideas and welcome any feedback. You can contact by sending us an email

Make a difference: a young person’s guide to taking action

Make a Difference: A young person’s guide to taking action helps young people to raise their voice about the issues that matter to them.


We’ve published resources to help you tackle cyberbullying in your school:

Positive Relationships (secondary school resource)

Agenda helps young people learn about positive relationships and why they’re so important.

Go to the Agenda website to download the resource. It’s full of activities that you could run in your secondary school.

If you’re a primary school pupil, tell your teacher that there’s a version for primary schools too, and show them this link.

Healthy Relationships Quiz (Secondary School Resource)

This quiz has been designed to teach you about what makes a healthy, and an unhealthy relationship and what to do if you think you are being treated badly.

And take a look at this poster for more information.

Welsh Baccalaureate Community Challenge

We’ve developed a Community Challenge for Welsh Baccalaureate learners in schools.

UNCRC – Children’s Rights Cards

These A4 cards are a great way of learning more about your rights.

Rights Poster

Want a poster to stick up in your school? This poster shows every right you have under the UNCRC.

Children’s Rights picture pack

Beautifully designed pictures to help you learn more about your rights.

Children’s Commissioner introduction

A PowerPoint presentation to introduce children’s rights and the work of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales

Ambassadors’ three jobs

Is your school involved in one of our Ambassador schemes? We’ve made three videos explaining our ambassadors’ three jobs. They might give you some good ideas.

Challenging the negative reporting of the LGBT community

This toolkit gives advice on challenging unfair or harmful media reporting and tells you how to complain about anything you’re unhappy with.

You can download the resource here.

Challenging the negative reporting of Gypsies and Travellers

This  toolkit gives advice to young people on challenging unfair or harmful media reporting and tells you how to complain about anything you’re unhappy with.

You can download the resource here.