What Now? Take the survey

We want to hear your views on what we should be doing to tackle the issues facing children and young people in Wales.

We’ve made surveys to collect your views; whether you’re a child or young person, a parent or carer, or somebody who works with children and young people in Wales.

Your views will help shape our work over the next three years; meaning that what you tell us will have a big impact on what we do to help children and young people.

You can find the results of our 2015 survey here.

The surveys

Here are the links to access the online surveys and workshops.

For children aged 3-7

These activity plans are designed to be led by an adult, and for the information to be recorded and sent back to us.

For children aged 7-11

For young people aged 11-18

Lesson Plan and Survey for Use with Children in Special Schools

If you’d like an accessible version to run in a different setting, please get in touch with us.

For parents and carers

For professionals who work with, and for children and young people

Additional information and other formats

If you need a survey in a different format or different language, please get in touch with us.

Children’s Rights in Wales, 2018

To help us write the surveys we wanted to collect the information that already exists from lots of pieces of research on children’s lives in Wales and publish it in one report.

We asked the Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods (WISERD) at Cardiff University to do this work for us.

You can find the report they’ve written here.

We’ve written a smaller piece that shows what we’ve learned from WISERD’s report, and what we plan to do with the information.

Children’s rights in school survey

Earlier this year we ran a nationwide survey to measure how far children and young people in Wales are experiencing the five principles of a children’s rights approach in their education.

162 schools from across Wales signed up to take part.

We’ve published the results here.