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Sally’s Blog

Here you’ll find the blog of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Sally Holland.

Equal protection

Universal Children’s Day: It’s time to give children Equal Protection Universal Children’s Day is an important date in the calendar of any Children’s Commissioner. It was established by the United Nations in 1954 to encourage understanding between children and promote children’s welfare around the world. It is held

Care proceedings: Prevention is best

In the last month there have been two interesting reports on care proceedings. These are the proceedings in family courts which make legal orders about children being placed into care settings. The first was the report by a research team led by Professor Karen Broadhurst of Lancaster University into

Generation Games

Too often the way we organise our lives means that different generations may have little to do with each other. Although grandparents play a huge part in children’s lives in Wales – you only have to go to any school gate or park to see that – many of