Current Projects

Below you’ll find a summary of the projects we’re undertaking as part of our 2016-17 work plan.

If you need more information about any of these pieces of work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Establish an advisory group

Project aim

To establish adult, and children and young people’s advisory panels to provide support and advice to the Commissioner ensuring accountability, leadership, and good governance of the office of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

You can read more about our advisory panels here.

Community Ambassadors – Poverty and social inequalities

Project aims

  • To support Community Ambassadors and other children, particularly those living in poverty and disabled children, to share their experiences of play, access to leisure and cultural activities with Welsh Government and the National Assembly for Wales
  • Expand our current scheme to reach more groups.

Mental health and Wellbeing – Best practice in prevention and early intervention work

Project aims

• Create a robust evidence base on children and young people’s wellbeing by capturing their lived experiences of what it means to be healthy, happy and safe.
• Identify how well statutory duties relating to children’s wellbeing are being carried out by schools, local authorities and other public services.
• Identify the availability and provision of services available to children and young people and highlight promising wellbeing practices in schools and the wider community

Development of I&A casebook

Project aims

• To publicise the work of our Investigation and Advice service to children and young people and the adults who work with them
• To systematically analyse advice and support service data to support policy and practice influencing work
• To produce a quarterly Investigation and Advice casebook to publish online.

Transitions for Care Leavers

Project aims

• To provide a baseline of current provision by local authorities for care leavers, in particular the range of housing options and opportunities for work/training/education.
• To consult with young people about their preferred options for housing and work/learning, and their experiences of accessing housing, work, education or training.
• Share examples of good or promising practice to encourage local authorities, particularly elected members, to drive improvements as responsible corporate parents.
• To make recommendations for local authorities to create a key pledge or commitment to care leavers

Integration of UNCRC into public bodies

Project aims

• Develop a clear statement about a child’s rights approach and explain how it fits with the goals of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.
• Work with public service boards to ensure that consideration of children’s rights is central to their agenda as they develop their first plans
• Develop a web based resource for public bodies , including public services boards, with exemplars of how public bodies have started to engage with and apply the principles of the UNCRC
• Set up a joint secondment and joint project team between the offices of the Children’s Commissioner and Future Generations Commissioner.

Collaborative Intergenerational Work between the Children’s Commissioner and the Older Persons Commissioner

Project aim

• Develop a resource that will promote the rights and celebrate the positive relationships of the two different communities, and the benefits that the old and the young can bring to each other

Islamophobia lesson plan

Project aim

• Create an online resource for secondary school pupils to stimulate discussion around Islamophobia to generate understanding and empathy around the issues faced by young Muslims and to learn more about Islam in general

Secondary School Ambassadors

Project Aim

• Develop a secondary school ambassadors programme to raise awareness of the UNCRC and the Children’s Commissioner to secondary school pupils.

Hillside Well-being & Experiences survey

Project aim

• To administer a survey of experiences in all secure children’s homes (SCH) in Wales and England (It is a joint project with Children’s Commissioner for England)