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A picture of Rocio Cifuentes

Commissioner’s Blog

Here you’ll find the blog of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

Rocio Cifuentes became the Children’s Commissioner in April 2022.

Why I’m proud of our young activists

Yesterday (June 5th) my office arranged a meeting between some of the young people (from Radnor Primary School and the Atlantic College) who took part in recent climate change strikes in Cardiff and the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths. The demonstrations caused a stir: many

Where next for children’s mental health services in Wales?

In this blogpost I summarise where Wales is at in its reform journey of children’s mental health services and present my vision for the next leg of the journey. Read our July 2018 position paper Wales is now in the fourth and final year of its Together for Children

Gender and safety – a personal experience

I am proud to be supporting Primary Agenda which is being launched today. It’s a carefully planned and tested resource to help children in primary schools to explore issues of gender stereotypes, negative behaviours and personal safety. Here is a very personal blog about why it’s needed. Earlier this

Youth Parliament

Every child and young person has the right to speak up and have their views taken seriously, but until now the voices of young people in Wales have lacked a national platform. I am thrilled to welcome the first meeting of the Youth Parliament for Wales on the 23rd of

Challenges for the new first minister

2019 has started with a new First Minister. In this blogpost, I’d like to underline what I think are the two main challenges Mark Drakeford and his Government faces when it comes to improving the lives of children in Wales. Two issues in particular stand out: child poverty and

Universal Children’s Day 2018

Human rights guarantee humanity’s basic freedoms and needs. As the most vulnerable in our society, children are given additional rights, and it is our duty as a society to protect and promote them. These rights are entitlements; they are not optional.

Giving young carers the recognition they deserve

Last Saturday I attended Cardiff Young Carers’ barbecue in Butetown Youth Pavillion. There was an amazing showcase event to start, with talented young people singing solos and in groups. In between songs there were some personal stories that were so moving that when it was my turn to speak

Curriculum Reform: Listening to the experts

  As Children’s Commissioner for Wales my role is to help drive positive and long-lasting changes for children and young people in Wales. Listening to children and young people is an essential part of this work. Young people are the experts in their own lives and ensuring their important

2017 – The year of the bully

I apologise in advance for writing a sad end-of-year blog, but I’ve seen a lot of sadness and hurt this year, and I don’t want a repeat of that in 2018. 10 things I have learned this year: Children and young people are deeply affected by bullying and not