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About Us

Keith Towler is the Children's Commissioner for Wales

Keith Towler began his role as Children's Commissioner for Wales on St.David's Day, 2008.

The Children's Commissioner's office works to make sure that children and young people are safe from harm and that as many people as possible know about children’s rights and the UNCRC.

What else?

  • Telling everyone, including children and young people, about the Children's Commissioner for Wales and about the UNCRC
  • Meeting with children and young people and listening to what they have to say about issues that affect them
  • Talking to children and young people about the Commissioner’s work, what else they think he should do and how he should do it
  • Looking at the work of organisations like councils and health trusts to see if they are thinking about children’s rights
  • Telling people who can make a difference what children and young people think is important and how to improve things
  • Giving advice and information to children and adults who contact the Commissioner's team.

Other stuff

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